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Simple Golf Swing, Perfect Golf Swing, Golf Swing Tips - Part 349

Become A More Skillful Player Through Golf Tips And Instructions


Like any sports, golf entails some basic directions on rules, technique, traditions, and equipment. These golf instructions, apart from practices, are valuable in order to become a skilled golfer.

Therefore, in the United States, any golfer can acquire the same knowledge that most professional golfers have received by enrolling in golf schools or training centers that are duly accredited by the United States. Golf Teacher’s Federation or the Professional Golfers Association.

For those who would care to learn more about additional golf instructions, here are a number of historical facts relating to golf instruction tips:

1. Golf Instructions began in the “medieval era”.

As early as the 1350’s, golf teachings had already dominated the society. Back then, golfers were already integrating the elementary concept of golf instructions by allowing each group of golfers to strike the next unbroken shot.

2. Costly origins of golf instructions

Before the gutta percha ball was produced, golf instructions were very expensive then. It was even thought of as a very expensive set of skills whereby only a few people from Edinburgh could play the game.

3. “Show-and-tell” type of golf instruction

It was in 1848 when the “show-and-tell” type of golf game instructions was first introduced. It was also during this year that the “guttie” ball was manufactured.

Because of this, golf sooner or later became an affordable sport. It also became an easy export item whereby golf was gradually introduced to the rest of the world.

4. First golf instructional book

It was in 1857 that the first golf instructional book was issued. The book, entitled “A Keen Hand”, written by H.B. Farnie was entirely about golf instructions on methods and strategies in playing golf.

5. The important part of golf instructions

In golf instructions, the most all important things that a golfer must discover are alignment, proper posture, golf swing, and grip. These things are the basic concern of the golf instructions because these are critical to every golf player’s shot in the game.

6. Golf instructions and shots

Through golf instructions, every golfer hopeful is able to discover the different conventional shots like fairway shots, chipping, approaches, putting, sand-shots, and driving.

For higher level of golf instructions, players are educated on methods that are more intricate like controlling the loft, trouble shots, and controlling the shape of the shot.

Indeed, there are no finer ways to learn golf than through well planned golf instructions. Golf is a game where you are always learning. Methods and strategies are to be widely practised and fine tuned to make you a better golfer.

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Good Golfing Tips-Master That Swing-Part 2

Following on from our previous article, some more tips to help you improve that swing.

So, you think that your  golf swing needs improving? Remember to use these tips and put them to use. Your  golf swing will only get better the more you practice and the more you learn from your mistakes.

Tip no. 1. A great golf swing does not mean you have to swing with only your arms.

Behind your back, put your golf club while you turn your back to your target. It is like taking your club back as you hinge your arm at your shoulder.

You could also practice the drill known as “no arms”.

Tip no. 2. You should not forget to cock your wrists.

Do not forget cocking your wrists. This might be difficult at first, but it will become natural to you with enough concerted practice.

Tip no. 3. You should let the left arm clockwise slightly when you start the back swing.

It is not really something that you actually should remember. It naturally happens if you would just allow it. This just means that you should not resist this movement but be more aware that it is just a natural action. You might not notice it, but you might have been resisting this movement because this causes the head of your golf club to go open slightly when you swing it. Just allow it to happen.

Tip no. 4. Have your feet firmly on the ground.

You might have copied this from baseball. That is, letting your foot heel in front to come above the ground when you swing your golf club back. Some people think that by doing this so, their back swing feels more huge.

It is something that seems like lifting the front heel can easily make the body coil and for the tension to build that much harder. Letting the foot roll freely to the inside is fine. However, one should keep that foot on the ground to make the golf back swing well-anchored.

Tip no. 5. From the bottom golf down swing.

Assuming that you accomplish all the drills correctly – from the golf stance, the golf grip you have, and your golf back swing. But you can still ruin everything if you begin the golf swing that you have with the shoulders. You might want to use a swing trigger to begin the golf down swing that you have with the lower part of your body.

Tip no. 6. And again, on your golf down swing. You should turn the belt buckle to your target.

Try turning your hips as powerful and fast as possible when you do your golf down swing, it works.

As previously mentioned, do try these golf swing tips. One of the best ways to ensure that your score card comes tumbling down and your overall performance improves is by perfecting your golf swing. Above else though, enjoy your game.

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Good Golfing Tips-Master That Swing-Part 1

Believe it or not, when a golfer performs a golf back swing, he is not just using his arms. Just as important it is also about the golfer’s back as he or she turns away from the intended target. The action is so that the club is more than anything else being put behind the golfer’s back than it is swung up towards the air.

The move backswing

If you look at it closely, the golf back swing actually works from up to down. The takeaway back swing begins from the top as you make the movement on your arms and follows as you do that turn on your shoulders. The movement then goes straight down towards the legs and the hips.

The golf back swing is primarily about how the body is being coiled upwards thus creating the needed tension in the muscles as well as torque to be able to let out that all powerful downswing. Particularly, that swing is created anywhere in between the golfer’s turning his or her upper body as well as shoulders and the turning – to a lesser degree – the lower body and the hips.


It is highly advisable that one should not do the swing in a hurried manner. If a back swing is in any way done in a hurry, the downswing does not become fast, actually it could do the opposite.

The backswing speed should be in a tempo that is steady and should neither be fast nor slow. Although some golfers have that tendency to go way faster than the regular. Anytime you catch or are aware of yourself doing this, try to slow it down a bit.

The move downswing

When you reach the downswing, all you really need to do is to just let it go. Let the downswing happen. However, this only applies if ever you were able to start with a golf stance, backswing and grip that is correct.

The downswing must be the organic result of all that went before it. If you were able to do your backswing in the correct manner, your body will unwind in itself thus releasing the club and striking the ball that will therefore result in a follow through that is balanced.

The follow-through move

A follow-through should be best seen as the feather in your cap move. The legs must be adequately straight and the hips have to form a straight line together with the legs.

This move will serve as the gauge of the whole swing you have just done. You know that you were able to pull a swing that is smooth and balanced if in the end you have a position that looks like the letter C only in reverse.

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