Golf Fitting Techniques That Add More Yards!


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If you’ve spent any time with the game of golf then you have surely come across a few articles about golf club fitting. Here are a few tips that can help you separate the fact from fiction so that you can get the most from your next golf club fitting.

1. Start with your favorite club! – one of the reasons our favorite club is in fact our favorite is that it is perfectly suited for our swing. Show your golf pro this club first and they can get the exact specs (weight, shaft, etc.) and duplicate it throughout your set

2. Bring it to the range – after your fitting you need to practice, practice, practice. Learn to use your new tools

3. Give it at least six months – now that you’ve just spent a bunch of money on your club fitting you need to give it some time to settle in. Your body will pick up on the subtle differences and if you fight it you will have wasted your money. Give it some time!

These three golf club fitting tips are vital if you want to make the most out of the dollars you just spent in making it happen.

Golf Club Fitting – the Grip

If you have ever experienced a golf club fitting then one of the many choices you have made is about the grip. The grip is the most important aspect to fitting any club to the user. And, the reason behind this is because the grip is so specific to each man or woman. What you like, I don’t, and vice versa.

So, here are some tips that you can use when picking out your new grip:

1. Grip the club with ONE HAND only and take a look at where your fingers touch the palm of your hand. If they don’t touch at all the grip is too big. If they overlap with your pad then they are too small. A proper grip size should allow the tips of your fingers to just touch the pad

2. Pick a grip that fits your skin. While some grips are amazing under adverse conditions, these grips will do damage to those with skin issues. I’ve seen it first hand!

The bottom line is that if your grip is not comfortable to you then your swing won’t feel right. You’ll be awkward forever and your golf game will suffer!

Golf Club Fitting – the Shaft

There are probably five or six different decisions that any golfer needs to make when they decide to do a golf club fitting for the first time. And, one of the decisions that is often overlooked (but very important) is the type of shaft that your golf club has. Here are a couple of items to consider when choosing a shaft:
1. Swing speed – there are three major categories for shafts (Regular, Mid and Stiff). Those who swing under 80 MPH should choose regular. Those who swing between 80 – 90 MPH should choose Mid. Those that swing 90 MPH+ should choose stiff

2. Weight – If you are a small male or a woman then you should choose the lightest shafts possible. And, this means graphite shafts instead of metal

3. Kick Point – This overlooked attribute is the point on the club that flexes or “kicks” when the club is swung. The lower the kick point the higher the ball will go and vice versa. Your kick point should be chosen to counteract your natural swing motion!

These three elements are all decisions that must be made by someone (typically a PGA pro). And, if the magic combination is done correctly you can see added yardage without ever swinging the club any harder!

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