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Simple Golf Swing, Perfect Golf Swing, Golf Swing Tips

Golf Tips: Keeping Your Golf Swing Sharp


As individual a sport as golf can be, it is important to realise that the basics of the game are the same for every golfer. Having said that however, due to the differences in people’s body types no two people will ever have the same golf swing.

Every golfer will need to adapt their bodies so that they can re-enact a proper golf swing in their own way. No matter what golfing style you ultimately adopt, there are certain basic tips that all golfers need to get right from the outset. For instance, one of the most fundamental steps that you can put into action and see an immediate improvement to your golf swing is to keep your head still and look straight at the ball.

The position of your head should be straight in line with your spine, and your nose should be raised up slightly so that when you begin your swing, your left shoulder fits under your chin.

Another useful, basic step that can work greatly towards improving your golf swing is to relax. Telling someone to relax is often easier said than done. Especially when you are getting ready to put all your power into drive with an audience of other golfers waiting for you to perform.

However, relaxing your muscles will help you to maintain the proper balance that is important to a great golf swing. Regardless of the golf clubs you use, your balance is the primary foundation of your golf swing, and the way to achieve good balance is to practice.

The article below gives you some more great tips to help you improve your golf swing

Golf Tips: Keeping Your Golf Swing Sharp

“A good golf swing stems from balance, athletic posture and flexible muscles. I recommend that you commit to a routine of regular stretching and exercise. If you’re a gym member seek the advice of a personal trainer and ask for golf specific exercises.”


Reading articles is all well and good and very useful, but watching the written word in video format can only add to your overall understanding. Take a look at the short video below on “Golf Back Swing Key Positions” for some more great tips. Mind you, don’t forget, the best way to improve your golf swing is to actually get out onto the golf course and practice what you have read about and watched on video.


Stretch your way to a better golf swing


All golfers strive to achieve the perfect golf swing. We recommend that you read the useful articles we have here on our Simple Golf Swing website and that you watch the videos where you can see the words of the article in a visual format. These tips are all helpful in improving your golf swing but, more importantly, you need to get out there onto the course and practice…..practice…..practice. Now go read the article, watch the video below and get out and practice as soon as you can.

Stretch your way to a better golf swing

“EVERY avid golfer wants to improve their swing but might not know the best way to make it happen. The most effective way is to work on your range of motion, as the full golf swing forces your body to move in ways your normal daily activities don’t. A …”

Golf swing videos are great in that you can see the written theory actually being put into practice. The short “How To Swing A Golf Club Like Tiger Woods” below is no exception, but as we have already said above, it is no substitute to your own practising. Put all three together, the articles, the videos and your own practice and you will be getting somewhere close to the golf swing that you want.


Powerful Golf Swing

All golfers at all levels should be more than aware of the importance of a good golf swing. As you no doubt probably know already, one of the most important parts of being a successful golfer is learning exactly how to swing and hit the ball correctly. If your golf swing is poor, it can work against you rather emphatically and, as a result, it can cause you various problems in trying to play a successful game og golf.

You may think, and almost certainly in the early stages of your golfing life, learning how to swing the club successfully may seem virtually impossible, it really is something that you can easily do with a lot of patience and tolerance and a fair bit of practice. Like all aspects of golf it is important to regularly practice and work on your skills.  

Powerful Golf Swing | Talking Golf Online | Insider Golf Tips I …

“Most amateur and beginner golfers at some stage struggle with generating any sort of power in the golf swing. It usually can be attributed to a number of reasons …www.talkinggolfonline.com/tag/powerful-golf-swing/”

As well as reading the useful tips and articles provided, many golfers find it useful to watch a few short videos as well, so that they can visualize what they are being told. Videos like the short “Build Golf Swing” video below. But remember, don’t just rely on the articles and the videos, go out and practice as much as you can.

Golf Swing Instructions – Jackson Golf Method

Every golfer needs to practice regularly on all aspects of their game but arguably the one area that needs extra consideration is your golf swing. Get your golf swing right or perfect the simple golf swing and the rest of your golf game should fall into place easier is an often made statement. We aim to provide a wide range of golf tips here at Simple Golf Swing, we hope you find them useful.

Golf Swing Instructions – Jackson Golf Method

"Golf Swing Instructions, Locked-In Golf: One of the most significant golf swing instructions is to vary the tee height for each club in your set until you begin to hit …jacksongolfmethod.com/golfmethod/…/swing-golf-instruction/"


As well as reading useful tips, many find that watching short videos is just as beneficial, if not more so. With that in mind, watch the short "Golf Swing Lessons" video below, we are sure you will find it very useful.


Customize golf swing to avoid back pain | UTSanDiegocom

Every golfer knows that you always have to work on your golf swing and always need to strive to get it right. We hope you find the tips we provide here at Simple Golf Swing useful and you can use them on the golf course. 

Customize golf swing to avoid back pain | UTSanDiegocom

"Over 30 million people in the United States play golf, a third of whom are older than 50 years old. Studies have shown that almost half of all golfers …www.utsandiego.com/…/customize-golf-swing-to-avoid-back-…"


Watching short videos as well as reading about golf tips can be very beneficial. The beauty of watching golf tips videos of course is that you can pause them, rewind them and replay them as often as you like. Take a look at the "Golf Swing Lessons" video below, we are sure you will find it useful.


One tip to a better, easier swing

Mastering your golf swing, or producing your best simple golf swing possible, is such an important part of any golfer's game. As well as actually practising your golf swing by going out on the golf course or the golf driving range, it is often useful to also read what some of the experts have to say on the matter and to possibly take on board any golf swing tips they advise.

One tip to a better, easier swing

"Swing both clubs while ensuring that the two clubs stay parallel through the entire swing. If you're having trouble swinging the clubs without them hitting each other, then one of your arms likely dominates your golf swing. When you can effortlessly …"

Reading about any such golf swing tips is very useful but often watching a simple, short video is just as beneficial, if not more beneficial, than reading about it. Watch the short video – "Tom Watson's Secret to the Golf Swing" below, we are sure you will find it useful.

General Impression Of The Golf Swing

Thank you for visiting our Simple Golf Swing website. We hope you enjoy your visit and call back again. We always aim to provide the latest news, information and tips available in today's golfing world. In keeping with our website name, an overall concept of the golf swing is a very useful tip for you to review.

Overall concept of the golf swing

"As most of you are just starting your golf season, I thought that it would be a good time to begin our “golf tips” with something about the overall concept of the golf swing. Too many times we can become tied up in thinking about “bits and pieces” in …"

A well as reading these useful tips, we feel that watching a short video is also very beneficial. Take a look at this short video – we are sure you will learn something to help you with your golf swing.


Review Of The Revolutionary SkyCaddie Golf GPS Rangefinder

A golf Global positioning system device is reliant on communicating with geostationary satellites in orbit over the globe so that you can pinpoint the product?s accurate place upon the surface. Some devices, in particular the Golf Buddy World Platinum GPS rangefinder can auto identify the particular course and golf hole you’re playing on. The course must have been mapped and the info pre-installed or installed directly into the unit. The device can than calculate the distance to distinct targets including the pin (flag), a bunker or hazard.

There exists a massive variety of golf GPS devices out there. When deciding on one to buy the functions on offer along with the size of the actual product all will need to be taken into consideration.

Almost all units are hand sized, somewhat like a cellphone. Right now there are also golf Global positioning system wrist watches like the sophisticated Garmin S1 GPS watch, worn on the wrist leaving both hands free and in addition they function as a stylish watch away from the course.

If you’re unfamiliar with this kind of item ease of set up plus use if additionally a crucial factor. Some golf GPS devices need to be connected up to a laptop or computer, software downloaded and an account or membership opened before they are able to be used. Others such as the Golf Buddy range merely need charging and they’re ready to use. The uPro from Callaway even comes with introductory videos pre-loaded on the device, together with a set of headphones to listen to the audio to supply additional help!

One of the market leading palm units is the exceptional SkyCaddie SGX from SkyGolf, the most effective known business in the marketplace. Launching a brand new generation of ‘smart’ products it really is so much more than simply yet another GPS device. With a electronic digital scorecard, stats tracking, overhead hole maps and detailed green maps it also provides you access to a passionate golfing community where players come together to take pleasure in the sport and celebrate achievements.

A striking vibrant and easy to read three inch transreflective LCD colour screen that is readable in sunshine means that the SkyCaddie SGX can show full graphic hole views utilizing Hole Vue and unmatched green detail utilizing Intelligreen Pro. Dual navigation makes it possible for for simple, one-handed operation and exact positioning without obscuring display information with fingers and smudges. The facility to choose a spot and get distances both to that particular point and from that point to the green is particularly welcome.

The SkyCaddie SGX comes pre-loaded with expertly mapped details of 30 thousand courses. For unrivaled precision and dependability, this particular unit features TruePoint GPS precision positioning technology along with a high performance GPS engine for ultra-fast satellite acquisition. A cutting edge Omni-Directional, High Performance GPS Antenna locks speedily to more geostationary satellites and stays locked to optimize performance and reliability in all landscapes, even beneath tree foliage.

Housed within a sleek functional housing andpowered buy a very long lasting lithium-ion battery, The SkyCaddie SGX is ready for as much as fourteen hrs continious play. The device conforms to the USGA and R&A Ruling for usage in competition and handicap games (subject to a Local Rule being in force) and syncs with ClubSG.

Six Beneficial Free Golf Tips Focusing On Ways To Help You Enjoy Golf Even More

Would you say you take a great deal of pleasure in golfing but wish you could actually enjoy golf more, such as you did in your early on golf days? Then these free golf tips could be just the thing you need to help you achieve more enjoyment. Golf is definitely a very competitive sport; however, relaxing and having a fun time while playing is equally as important as being competitive. In some cases being very competitive can impact a golfer’s pleasure of the game.

Do you happen to be a golf player who is able to relate to being extremely competitive and discovering that your enjoyment of the sport is not the same as it use to be. The tech aspect of the sport of golf is simply one aspect to the sport, although an essential one.

Another important aspect is delighting in the enjoyment of comradeship of fellow golf players. Many terrific friendships have actually been established on golf courses that have held up for for years and years. But if your competitiveness is burning away at you and leaving you tense and stressed-out anytime things are not going well, then it will likely be hard to enjoy golf.

Here are six free golf tips that provide things you can do to help you enjoy golf more. Just making a few changes can help to elevate some of the pressure and allow you to relax more. Consider giving these tips on enjoying golf more a shot to see if your enjoyment and fun of the game is increased.

1. Go ahead and improve your ball’s lie. If you have been stressed with your golfing lately, try deviating from the strict-rules of golf when playing recreational golf with buddies. Improving your lie can certainly be an advantage to you and you may likely find your golf buddies will delight in playing this way, as well. For recreational golfing, make it a habit to play winter rules.

2. Give yourself a special treat by getting a golf lesson. Determine your most noted issue in regards to your golf performance. Maybe it’s dealing with learning tips to fix a golf slice. Then invest in a lesson via pro, in order to resolve the problem. One of the most useful free golf tips is to take lessons.

Oftentimes, golf lessons can truly make a lot of difference in regard to a golfer’s technique. Not just in terms of the technical facet of the sport, but lessons also can help deliver a real boost to a golfer’s self confidence. When your confidence is enhanced, your enjoyment will be increased.

3. Spruce up your golf attire. Looking good is a very helpful way for you to enhance self-confidence. The more self-confident an individual feels, the easier it’ll be to unwind and enjoy golf more. Adding some fashionable new pieces of men or ladies golf attire to your wardrobe is one good way to help make you feel good, when you step out onto the golf course.

4. Refrain from playing the blue tees. Choosing the blue colored tees is only to make the course more challenging to play on. In the event your game is routinely in the nineties, or higher, then there’s no need to make the game harder by endeavoring to play the blue colored tees. Pick the white colored tees and reduce some more stress.

5. Spice-up your golfing. A great way to achieve this is simply by playing different types of category games with your buddies. Commonly golfers have a tendency to get into the habit of playing the same type of game repeatedly. For example, in the event you are inclined to play the game most one putts, then try some other varieties, such as most fairway hits.

6. Give yourself a break. A lot of golfers are fortunate if they’re in a position to play on the course two times during the week. Golf practice sessions are a luxury that is commonly lacking, simply because of work schedules and commitments. Does this happen to describe you? Then make it a point to cut yourself some slack and do not feel bad if your game isn’t what you would like.

If your golf game is simply not going well, shake it off. Do not be expecting your game to be at the top, if your life-style does not allow for lots of practice. Pro golfers have days where their game is off; so don’t feel as though you constantly need to play well. Just simply relax and enjoy golf more. This bit of advice undoubtedly ranks high in the category concerning best free golf tips.

Bushnell Tour V2 Series Pinseeker Rangefinder – Exactly What Do Customers Say About This?

Bushnell Tour V2 Series Pinseeker Rangefinder – Exactly what do customers say regarding it?
5.0 away from 5 stars Best golf purchase in years,
I have tried personally a skycaddie for two years. In fact, both only lasted about Half a year before they broke. In a panic, I purchased a Bushnell V2 w/ Pinseeker yesterday likely to Pinehurst and played 4 rounds of golf by using it, three with the courses I’ve never played before. It can everything Bushnell claims. Its quite simple to utilize and the Pinseeker mode works perfectly. It never provided an incorrect reading. 1 day I had been with a Pinehurst member who were built with a laser made to work specifically using a reflective element along with every one of the Pinehurst flags. Every reading on every par 3 was identical to his to the yard. When you have never used a Rangefinder or skycaddie, I’d recommend the Bushnell range finder. It will everything a skycaddie does And you will laser anything on the course, not just the geographic references the skycaddie has in its course memory. I’m bitter about my skycaddies expenses, but it works better. Once i get my skycaddie back, I’ll use it but won’t spend the cash to renew the annual membership this fall.

Experienced the TourV2 Pinseeker 2-3 weeks now and am absolutely satisfied with it. Simple to use, lightweight and simply tucks into among my golf bag pockets…within just 30 seconds I can get a distance “read” making a club decision. Faster than trying to puzzle out the distance or stepping off distances from markers about the course. Once i pick a club, it’s nice to actually understand the distance for the flag….and i also believe it is useful to check distance to hazards, creeks, etc. Already seeing improvements within my scoring.

This Bushnell now is easier to make use of compared to next size up. While the optics aren’t quite as crisp, they’re great. It is easy to focus and require real steady hands to get the pin and obtain a distance measurement. Also, the small size and clip on case are really easy to attach to my golf bag therefore it is always with me when I visit the course. We now have both this one and also the other one but this is my preference.
Help other customers get the most helpful reviews
Was this review to your benefit? Yes No

Still early days yet – been carrying this one around for around weekly. Put on the extender on three occasions. It can take some becoming accustomed to when it comes to what you need it to measure. For instance, shooting the flagstick might not work as well bouncing the laser off someone’s white shirt if they are about the green and about equidistant towards the flag. Still, the distances resolved reasonably well up to now and reduced the problem with my club selection.

For more info go to Bushnell Tour V2 or Bushnell Tour V2 review

Golf Tips And Tricks

How To Be Good At Golf

Its always a good idea to do a workout your body on a daily basis you are going to want the body strength so you are able to hit the ball further. But that is only after you have developed a good rhythm to your swing . Do not just try to hit the ball as hard as you can. with a nice smooth swing the ball will go a lot further then an all out shot that’s out of sync.

Additionally, together with your commitment in your workout you need to realize that remaining self-disciplined is really a challenge however, you can genuinely concentrate on your game. You need to work out not less than then a hour every single day to remain in shape. For that reason, why don’t you concentrate on workout routines which will increase your golf swing and golf performance. When you’re exercising, you shouldn’t go crazy. You can apply a gentle training daily and your game will develop as time passes.

The majority of the workout routines that can be done to enhance your golf performance are pretty straight forward. Gold conditioning is now extremely popular. You will notice that most of the men at the health club are working out to improve there golf game. You can create your very own exercise program that can squeeze into your schedule. You do not want it to be difficult since it will deter you against training.

You ought to create a plan that is centered on basic strength. You can run for 10 mins after which hit the weights or you can apply some techniques to improve your power. You will need to perform some leg squats and head, shoulder muscles, leg workouts in your routine to enable you to improve your flexibility and workout the back just a little. But don’t go overboard please start of slow and keep it steady. Keep in mind while your working out that this is all for the cause. The cause of becoming a scratch golfer.

And remember to eat the right foods a healthy body and mind is a must. At least before you start your round of golf. Ok so you got in your mind you need to workout your mind and body to excel in golf. So lets work on your swing.

When you’re attempting to enhance your golf swing you will need to consider the fundamentals in each and every great golf swing. One of the primary issues that golf players often do is they do not take into account the approach, but simply swing at the golf ball. Striking the golf ball is not the difficult part; it’s actually getting the golf ball towards the area that the golf ball needs to be in for your next shot. Always try to foresee the hole before you tee up. Plan out all your shots before you just wack it out there.

You must understand you have to deliver a shot that is good and to continue being consistent each and every time. You need to undergo every one of the steps of your swing. So that you may enhance your game and turn into a very accurate player. Accuracy is the key to scoring a low round not how long you hit it. But of course you will need to work on length to score those nice eagles on long par fives. But accuracy is the most importing first step.

You have to know how to practice your balance, steady head movements, plus some tempo. Essentially you should not shift your head. keep your eye on the golf ball and don’t look at your shot till your golf swing lets you. Even the pros can still make this same mistake from time to time. looking up before your swing is finished will play a major role on were your ball will end up so you must learn to keep your head down.

A great golf swing just does not improve instantly. You will need to practice every day. You can visit a golf range and practice or you can practice at your house with a nice little golf net in the garage or backyard. don’t practice putting on your rug it will confuse your muscles remember that real putting surfaces are fast and slick.

Workout daily remember to start of slow.

How To Be Good At Golf Tips

Get a good rhythmic golf swing tempo, go to the driving range everyday. If possible get a golf trainer just someone to show you the basics.

After the driving range chipping and putting is a must. A great short game is key to those birdies.

After you get your swing to were you think your ready head out to the golf course.
Imagine all your shots form tee to in the hole.

The golf course is were you will learn what you need to practice.

Try not to get upset. Golf can be a very up setting game if your not playing how you hoped

Readers who are searching Internet for information about golf stretching exercise, then make sure to visit the page which is mentioned right in this line.

Tips For Planning A Golf Holiday In Spain

Each and every one of us would love to take some time off so as to relax and spend some time with our family. Many people try to save up money so as to go off on a holiday abroad. Apart from experiencing something different one will have the opportunity to get away from all the day-to-day problems related to home and work routines. Before embarking on any plane though it is always best to plan out the vacation. This will ensure a better appropriation of time, as well as being able to visit as many places of interest as possible.

Different people have varying ideas as to which type of countries they prefer, and what type of vacation they would like to have. An innovative type of holiday which can be both relaxing and interesting is one in the beautiful country of Spain. More specifically, many people visit Spain each year for a golf holiday. This sport is calming and enticing, and many people like to give it a go. Let us delineate a few interesting points as well as tips related on how to plan a golf holiday in Spain.

Spain is renowned for its various golf courses. There is a nice selection to choose from, and many golfers favour this country also due to the fact that it has very good climate conditions, which are also ideal to be able to practice sport.

One of the first things to check out to plan this kind of vacation is the golf courses available. Try to choose some which are situated as close together as possible so as to reduce travelling time, in case your holiday is quite short. If on the other hand you have more time at your disposal it is a good idea to differentiate locations so as to be able to see other places of interest in Spain located in between different courses and Costa del Sol golf holidays is one of the most popular golf destinations in Spain.

Make a plan in advance by listing the golf courses you intend to visit, as well as their locations. Mark nearby places of interest you would like to see. Some people also like to make a time schedule so as to plan their holiday better.

With this type of holiday it is highly recommended that you book your holiday at a renowned golf travel tour-operator. There are various available in Spain which can offer you high class service. They often include beautiful rooms, and diverse facilities such as indoor pools and spas to enhance the relaxation of your stay.

If you have children you should choose a resort which has facilities ideal for them, such as play areas and related services. The food served in these resorts is known to be varied and the catering service is also rated well.

Make sure you make the necessary arrangements to have your golf apparel with you. In case you feel it is too encumber some to carry with your luggage, you may check whether you car hire it from the resort. This is in fact often possible.

And lasts, make sure to take suitable clothes with you. Bear in mind that you will want to play freely and comfortably. Now all you have to do is to make your bookings, pack your things and go to enjoy a golf holiday in Spain!

Check out the selection of Spain golf holidays to enjoy a unique golf experience in Spain. 7 Spain Golf Holidays is a golf travel tour-operator exclusively specialised in golf holidays in Spain. We believe you are going to love it.

Find out helpful info about internet marketing online – please make sure to read the webpage. The time has come when proper info is really only one click of your mouse, use this opportunity.

Benefits Of Internet Golf Instruction

Even the best professional golf players require regular training in order to maintain their skills and to prevent a loss in their abilities. To ensure that golf players continue to stay in shape for the sport, there are plenty of golf training schools with coaches who put players through hours of intensive coaching.

Some players choose online golf training courses to assist them in this fast paced world. Others feel the only way to get quality training is on the golf course. However, if online golf training tools were all for not, then no one would opt for them. Considering the fact that they are in use on a wide spectrum, surely there must be benefits that are derived from them. If you are considering opting for online golf training courses, consider the following facts first.

The best part on going in for online training is that the training sessions are entirely in your hands. You can begin, pause and end the courses whenever you wish, as long as you get the learning experience that you require. This turns out to be quite an advantage for many since training does not disrupt their schedules in anyway shape or form. Apart from that, the efficiency of the training course is still retained.

Online golf training tools also cover the essentials and provide instructional plan elements which are important to help a golfer’s skills develop. Therefore, online training will help you improve your skills, learn more as well as retain what you have developed. This becomes possible to the fullest extent when you learn techniques and practice them until you are completely at ease with the technique. When you opt for online golf training, you will be given an option to take these courses up gradually. Keep in mind that your aim is to get complete learning of programs and to learn techniques that will help you to enhance and perfect your short game abilities. You will be able to develop improved distance, precision and the quality of your game can be transformed by applying and practicing what you have learned.

Since there are so many benefits of choosing online golf training tools, it is essential that you choose the right ones. Some popular courses are swail.com, purepointgolf.com, golfinstruction.com and learnaboutgolf.com. These courses will help you get the best out of your game. If you wish to choose something in addition to or apart from these courses, remember to focus on those that involve actively playing the game.

Making the right choice is the first step to success. Once you choose the course that is right for you, plan a schedule and set aside time to learn as well as to practice. You will find that your online golf training course really pays off!

Readers that are trying to find more information about the niche of golf stretching exercise, make sure to visit the web site that was mentioned right in this line.

– Golf Vacations In Bali

Would you like to have fantastic golf experiences on your vacation in Bali?

Nirwana Bali Golf Country Club over the Tanah Lot temple west of Bali probably the name that every golf enthusiast would remember easily because of its location and have high quality as other famous golf clubs in Bali. Golfing vacation in Bali will introduce you to some of the best and most charming golf courses in the world. When you are returning home from your vacation you will leave a memory on your putter and it will linger for as long as you playing golf.

If this kind of opportunity coming into your lap then don’t miss it, have a special and unique golf vacation in Bali.

Probably there is no finer place to play golf or having your vacation with golf as the main concern in the world other than in the island of Bali. You will feel the sea breeze on your skin as you went from hole to hole and between low sand dunes and a coastal view. Or if you like to feel a different experiences you can have your golf on the lush tropical greenery and fresh air on the highland of north Bali. All of this chances are available for you when you choose the island of Bali as your golf vacation.

Along with the name of golf vacation in Bali which is the best organized and most wanted vacation around golf enthusiast in the world, you will have wonderful moments on your golf vacation. Maybe you also be one of the winner from so many national and international tournaments in Bali if you participate and test your skill.

Having you golf vacation in Bali is entirely unlike anything you might have previously experienced because the island of Bali have golf courses with beautiful scenery and unlike any others in the world. You can have your golf experiences in some of the best golf courses in Bali with a seaside view like the Nirwana Bali Golf Country Club or the New Kuta Golf Course.

Most of the golf courses in Bali allow you to use golf buggies or golf carts until certain areas but not until the fields partly to protect the courses and partly because the terrain would make it impossible to drive a buggy safely. You just need to walk a bit to the spot. Most of the golf courses in Bali will allow you to pull your golf cart of golf trolley or use caddies which is available on every clubs.

Remember to get the local weather forecast and you will be able to have your Bali golf vacation any time of the day but try to book ahead to ensure the tee time. Grab you clubs and bag – lets go today. A Bali golf vacation will be dream of many golf enthusiast in the world because although the world is full of golf courses but there is no better than the island of Bali where you can enjoy golf and enjoy the cultural attraction available in Bali altogether.

If you are want to get info about the niche of golf stretching exercise, make sure to go to the URL which is quoted in this line.

Golf Fitting Techniques That Add More Yards!

If you’ve spent any time with the game of golf then you have surely come across a few articles about golf club fitting. Here are a few tips that can help you separate the fact from fiction so that you can get the most from your next golf club fitting.

1. Start with your favorite club! – one of the reasons our favorite club is in fact our favorite is that it is perfectly suited for our swing. Show your golf pro this club first and they can get the exact specs (weight, shaft, etc.) and duplicate it throughout your set

2. Bring it to the range – after your fitting you need to practice, practice, practice. Learn to use your new tools

3. Give it at least six months – now that you’ve just spent a bunch of money on your club fitting you need to give it some time to settle in. Your body will pick up on the subtle differences and if you fight it you will have wasted your money. Give it some time!

These three golf club fitting tips are vital if you want to make the most out of the dollars you just spent in making it happen.

Golf Club Fitting – the Grip

If you have ever experienced a golf club fitting then one of the many choices you have made is about the grip. The grip is the most important aspect to fitting any club to the user. And, the reason behind this is because the grip is so specific to each man or woman. What you like, I don’t, and vice versa.

So, here are some tips that you can use when picking out your new grip:

1. Grip the club with ONE HAND only and take a look at where your fingers touch the palm of your hand. If they don’t touch at all the grip is too big. If they overlap with your pad then they are too small. A proper grip size should allow the tips of your fingers to just touch the pad

2. Pick a grip that fits your skin. While some grips are amazing under adverse conditions, these grips will do damage to those with skin issues. I’ve seen it first hand!

The bottom line is that if your grip is not comfortable to you then your swing won’t feel right. You’ll be awkward forever and your golf game will suffer!

Golf Club Fitting – the Shaft

There are probably five or six different decisions that any golfer needs to make when they decide to do a golf club fitting for the first time. And, one of the decisions that is often overlooked (but very important) is the type of shaft that your golf club has. Here are a couple of items to consider when choosing a shaft:
1. Swing speed – there are three major categories for shafts (Regular, Mid and Stiff). Those who swing under 80 MPH should choose regular. Those who swing between 80 – 90 MPH should choose Mid. Those that swing 90 MPH+ should choose stiff

2. Weight – If you are a small male or a woman then you should choose the lightest shafts possible. And, this means graphite shafts instead of metal

3. Kick Point – This overlooked attribute is the point on the club that flexes or “kicks” when the club is swung. The lower the kick point the higher the ball will go and vice versa. Your kick point should be chosen to counteract your natural swing motion!

These three elements are all decisions that must be made by someone (typically a PGA pro). And, if the magic combination is done correctly you can see added yardage without ever swinging the club any harder!

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